Diving Equipment

While most teaching organisations, retail centres, and dive centres recommend purchasing your scuba diving equipment, many divers are confused about whether or not they should invest in it. Are these sellers just trying to make money off of you, or do you really need your own gear to be safe and confident in the water?

It can be very easy to end up spending a lot of money. But if you're a smart shopper, you can purchase a pretty basic set of gear that's reliable and completely functional at a great price. This set would include your snorkel, exposure suit, mask, fins, BCD, and regulator, but it may not include your dive computer.

Equipment Maintenance

No matter what type of gear you purchase, whether it's basic or expensive, you should take care of it properly in order to make it last for years to come.

Ask a member of staff about the SSI Equipment maintenance course and learn how to take care of your dive equipment to help it last for the years to come.

Dive Gear
  • Second hand equipment

    All the equipment you use during your dives with Scuba Cyprus can be sold for a good price. If you are comfortable with the gear you used during your dive ask a member of staff to see how much you could buy it for

  • Aqualung

    Scuba Cyprus offers new Aqualung dive gear. Ask a member of staff to see the Aqualung catalogue for the latest deals and available offers.

  • Mares

    Scuba Cyprus offers new Mares dive gear. Ask a member of staff to see the Mares catalogue for the latest deals and available offers.

  • Scuba Cyprus Shop

    Visit our shop at the Camelot Beach base for great equipment deals both new and second hand equipment available for bargain prices